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Boosters Beat Omicron: Why workplace vaccinations are our best shot.

As the Omicron strain of COVID-19 sweeps across Australia, how can you protect your workforce—and continuity of operations?
Workplace booster shots are the answer.

packaged Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 vaccine vials

As the Omicron strain of COVID-19 sweeps across Australia, how can you protect your workforce—and continuity of operations?

Workplace booster shots are the answer.

With over 1M workplace vaccinations under our belt, Vitality Works stands ready to bring booster programs to your workforce.

A perfect storm.

Our nation returns to work in the wake of a perfect COVID-19 storm—after relaxed restrictions, opening borders, waning vaccine efficacy, and Omicron’s 500% greater infectiousness compared to Delta[1].

Amidst serious strain on our hospital systems—boosters are the frontline tool to prevent Omicron-related hospitalisation and shutdowns.

worker receiving a vaccination in the workplace

Boosters are our best shot.

Double vaccination alone offers as little as 20% protection against infection from Omicron—the same protection afforded by natural immunity from past infections[1]. Boosters change the equation by offering between 80% to 85% protection against severe disease from Omicron[2]. Booster shots lift antibody rates, which help counteract Omicron’s immunity evasion[3].

Boosters are our best shot to fight Omicron.

entering data into the Australian Immunisation Register

Workplace jabs—they just work.

People embrace being vaccinated at work. The convenience, familiarity and safety of the workplace reduce anxiety, and optional family access is appreciated where available.

Efficiency is key. Jabs at mass clinics may absorb up to a whole day of staff time waiting in queues. Our workplace COVID-19 boosters take just 30 to 40 minutes.

Employers offering vaccinations are seen as leaders in keeping their people safe and well. Critical staff shortages are reduced, and shutdowns are avoided.

COVID-19 complexity made simple.

At Vitality Works we’ve delivered over 1M workforce vaccinations across flu and COVID-19. We supported the national COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Phases 1A and 1B, then delivered over 20k workplace vaccinations in two large financial institutions—in a Department of Health pilot to help inform best practice frameworks.

We offer end-to-end planning, management and reporting on every aspect of a workplace COVID-19 vaccination program. From communications rollout, bookings, room logistics, clinical supervision—and full management of vaccine compliance and reporting.

And the Vitality Works cloud-based records system uses API integrations with the Australian Immunisation Register—so your workforce can be sure their records are updated and their freedoms intact.

employee with a bandaid on arm after vaccination

Ready for what’s next with boosters.

We’re ready to hit the ground running to design, deliver and report on workplace booster programs that balance the scales against Omicron while protecting your people and your operations.

The landscape is changing fast—and after delivering workforce vaccinations across the country for decades, we’ve learnt to be ready for what’s next.


[1] Imperial College London study, Report 49
[2] ATAGI Statement 24/12/21
[3] ATAGI Statement 17/12/21

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