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Case Study

Beazley started using Thrive Mental Health with all 1,500 employees in 20+ countries globally in September 2020.

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Our Impact

Within 8 weeks:

  • 28.33% of the workforce engaged and used the app once a week in the first 8 weeks.
  • Out of that 28.33%, 88.97% used the app twice per week or more for 8 minutes per session minimum.

Our Improvements

Data identifies where the strongest engagement lies in different countries, allowing focus and efforts to be made in engagement in those countries that are showing smaller increments of downloads.

  • 31% engaged workforce: In the first 12 weeks, 31% of the workforce engaged and used the app once a week.
  • 90%+ engagement: 90%+ continual ‘active’ engagement in the platform.
  • 31% exceeded target: the target of 15% engagement in the first 3 months was exceeded at 31%
  • 90% consistent usage: Of that 31%, 90% consistent usage twice per week or more throughout every week during the first 3 months

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