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Case Study

Santander started  using Thrive Mental Health with all 25,000 employees in various UK locations in 2017.

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Our Impact

Within 3 months:

  • After launching the in-app chat service, help-seeking behaviour rose to 71.57% compared to 14.74% prior.
  • Help-seeking behaviour increased by 385% with the introduction of the in-app chat service.

Our Improvements

Within 12 months of launching in-app service:

  • 110% employee usage increased from the previous 12 months.
  • 4,321 sessions delivered by our therapists to employees
  • 847 employees with at least 1 contact with our therapists
  • 148 recorded recoveries which is users who have screened positive for anxiety or depression and then recorded two subsequent negative screenings.

“The Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app is a critical part of our wellbeing offering. It helps improve our colleagues’ mental wellbeing, build personal resilience and find additional support when we need it. Our colleagues love the range of tools in the app that help them relax after a day’s work, de-stress on the go, and learn how to deal with day to day situations better.”

Bailey Lavelle
Wellbeing Consultant at Santander

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