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Vitality Works Launches Fit24 Challenge with the International Cycling Executives (ICE)

In September 2018, Vitality Works ran the Fit24 challenge with members from the International Cycling Executives (ICE). ICE, a Vitality Works partner, is a network community of like-minded senior executives who share a passion for cycling. ICE seeks to foster deeper connections in the business community through events, technology, and shared experiences.

Members of ICE were given the opportunity to join the Fit24 challenge with a range of teams from different industries competing against each other. Members created teams of 4-7 participants within their organisation. All in all, the event drew a total of 61 participants.

Enfold Beasts from Enfold Projects took out the top spot in ICE’s Fit24 Challenge with 3663 points (see leaderboard below). A lawyer, an auditor, and some IT guys from Regional Australia Bank were hot on their heels in second place finishing with 3636 points. VW’ers from Vitality Works came in in third place.


Bonus points were also awarded through mini-competition participation and were a big contributor to teams earning top spots on the leaderboard with each team securing over 100 bonus points throughout the month of September. Some of those were:

Best Team Photo by the Kalturians

Best Sugar-Free Recipe – ‘Sugar-free coffee cheesecake’

Best sleep tip – from Robert Lower

Big Results, Big Numbers

  • 68% of participants received 100% in the Fit24challenge (quitting sugar is definitely the hardest) with an average score of 78%.
  • The average number of days that a participant went without sugar was 21.
  • 53% of participants lost weight.
  • 85% will continue to prioritise moving more during the day

View the full ICE Fit24 summary and report here.

What Fit24 Participants Had to Say

Overall, the event was a huge success with event participants commenting that it was a great opportunity to bring teams and the business community together.

“I felt great, it has brought our company closer together.”Enfold

“It’s an engaging challenge that has many enduring benefits.”On the Line

“It is a very good way to push one to do things that they struggle with because we can’t let the team down.”Regional AUS Bank

“An achievable goal that makes a difference..” Regional AUS Bank

“It forces you to make sleep more of a priority and also makes you more aware of the sugar content of products.” Vitality Works

The fit24 Challenge WINNERS!

A massive congratulations to our Enfold Fit24 team; Emma-Jayne Morgan, Elena Dovnor, David, Desiree Martinsson, Rosy Manners and Jessica Dorman) for winning the ICE Fit24 Challenge. We snuck into the first spot on the challenge leaderboard, nudging out a Lawyer, an Auditor and some IT Guys by just 27 points. Thank you all so much for taking part and being great team players,” says Enfold Projects on LinkedIn.

Keen to know more about the Fit24 challenge? Find out more here.

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