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Covid-19 rapid antigen test

Rapid Testing for COVID-Safety: Hanes Brands is Adapting With Rapid Antigen Testing

Safe and well people make strong organisations—that’s why Vitality Works exists. And it’s a major priority for Hanes Brands Inc—the global group that’s home to iconic aussie brands like Bonds and Berlei.

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A woman being vaccinated by a female nurse

Next in workplace vaccinations: What we’ve learned doing over 1M jabs

We’re proud to announce that we’re now offering COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace – and stand ready to help your employees and organisation stay safe and well. (See contact details at the bottom of this article.)

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Climbing the Other Curve: Tools for flourishing under lockdown

Lockdowns can be brutal—especially on workplace health.
We’re in it together—flattening curve after curve of COVID-19 outbreaks. But we’re doing it alone—millions of us working from home, under enormous strain.

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Nurse administering a vaccine

The Flu Shot and COVID-19 Vaccinations: All Your Questions Answered

The far-reaching effects of COVID-19 are still cascading through our world and our workplaces. All workplaces and work practices have been disrupted in some way.

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Resetting your workplace wellness strategy

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the business world, including how companies look to deliver future workplace wellness programs. But even in this new normal, the old adage “not one size fits all” continues to ring true.

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The benefits of investing in physical activity in the workplace

More and more organisations are putting a focus on, and investing in promoting physical activity and exercise (either individual or in teams) as part of the working day.

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someone working at a laptop with their head in their hand

Mental Health in the workplace: Why it’s more important than ever

Employers must prioritise mental health in the workplace (wherever that may be – home or the office), especially during these challenging times

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Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated in a VUCA world

As well as impacting the health of millions of people around the world, COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on workplaces. Some have folded and some have had to re-think the way they do business.

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Four young men sitting at a hilltop viewpoint

Men’s Health Week – Men and boys are encouraged to speak up for health

This week (June 15th to 21st), the world is celebrating Men’s Health Week, a time to spread awareness about the health issues that disproportionately affect men and boys and open the dialogue about prevention and early detection.

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