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Calculating your ROI for health programs

Many companies now understand the link between employee health and productivity. This relatively new concept is known as Health and Productivity Management (HPM). Led by a forward-thinking corporate health services sector and backed by good academic research, progressive employers see the value of HPM as a strategy to improve staff engagement, productivity and ultimately the business’ bottom line.

From a Return on Investment (ROI) perspective, spending money on workplace wellness programs and platforms like the Vitality Hub, is a sound business decision, with over 600 published studies documenting the financial benefits.

Conservatively, the average ROI for workplace wellness programs exceeds 3:1. Improving employee health is a proven way of lifting the performance of the your workforce.

Determining the ROI of your organisation’s wellness program is a simple 6 Step process:
1. Determine your improvement priorities and goals
2. Select which measurement or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you are going to use. Common ones are injury rates, absenteeism, participation rates, health scores etc.
3. Collect your baseline data
4. Implement your wellness program
5. Repeat your measurement
6. Calculate your Return On Investment