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workplace injury prevention programs.

Collaborative workplace injury prevention—that also builds individual capacity, resilience and wellbeing with the SafeSpine™ SafeMind program.

Workshops, refresher courses, coaching and toolboxes

Behavioural-based approach for injury prevention

Building individual capacity through dedicated support

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Reduce risk & injury

Our SafeSpine™ SafeMind program helps prevent soft-tissue injuries due to repetitive strain and stress, reducing claims and time off—with musculoskeletal injury prevention that saves Australian businesses millions of dollars every year.

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Empower employees

Staff learn to watch out for mental and physical warning signs for themselves or a mate—in everything from fall prevention to heat injuries—and take action. The program helps workers feel valued, with a greater sense of belonging.

A woman having a back injury assessed

Customised to you

Our dedicated program manager assesses your business’ incident levels and high-risk activities—whether that’s repetitive strain or manual handling injuries—to deliver an effective, tailored program.

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Improve resilience

Our SafeSpine™, SafeMind program equips staff with tools and training to overcome unsafe behaviours—reducing stress, mental health claims and time off work, which incur enormous costs to the Australian economy.

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Upskill your team

From workshops to health coaching, newsletters & refreshers, we give your team the tools and support they need to stay healthy with a behavioural-based approach for capacity and resilience against workplace injury.

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“SafeSpine™ SafeMind has allowed our people to truly thrive and give it their best.”

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Next in Injury Prevention Programs.

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Injury Prevention Programs FAQ's

Reduced risk of injury reduces Workcover costs and costly employee absences.

21% of workplace injuries involve preventable strains and sprains.

Vitality Works uses training, workshops, coaching and monthly briefings.

Yes, customisation is a hallmark of SafeSpine™ SafeMind programs.