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Injury cost calculator

Workplace-related injuries impose costs on both employers and workers, these include direct and indirect costs. The direct cost can be easily calculated - it includes items such as Workers’ Compensation premiums or payments to injured workers.
Indirect costs include lost productivity, lost potential output, and the cost of providing return-to-work programs for injured workers. The level of costs varies with the severity of the injury. This calculator is a quick and easy way to identify the true revenue required to offset the loss.

Direct cost injury

The $38,000 amount is taken from an average work related injury - source Safe Work Australia

Indirect cost of the injury

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Calculation based on Direct Cost x 4 = Indirect Cost

Total cost

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Total Cost = Direct Cost + Indirect Cost

Profit margin of business (%)

Revenue required to offset loss

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Revenue Required = ( Total Cost ) / ( % Profit Margin / 100 ) Or Revenue Required = ( C ) / ( D / 100 )

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