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Vital Signs: Can Health Check Data Ensure Your People have a Better 2023?

Most C-suite and senior HR professionals are familiar with employee Health Checks—and the benefits they bring to both organisations and individual employees.

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While Health Checks were overshadowed by urgent COVID-specific responses during the pandemic, they offer a baseline for the new normal in workplace health and wellbeing—a way to better understand your people and inform your strategy.

Early 2023 is the ideal time to get ahead of the curve with Health Checks, and use their valuable data. Vitality Works Health Checks now uniquely take in mental health and wellbeing—which is more important than ever after the strain of the pandemic.

Vitality Works Health Checks empower you to make data-driven decisions based on insights from health checks—on top of your internal organisational knowledge—and better improve employee value proposition along the way. 

Here’s how they work.

What You Don’t Know

In workplace health and wellbeing, what you don’t know can very much affect your people and your organisation. Independent, credible Health Checks establish a baseline of evidence against which organisations can better target and track the efficacy and value of virtually all health and safety programs.

Vitality Works offers a fully customised, anonymised and detailed Organisational Health Profile Report to highlight areas of risk by region, department, and even role type—giving your leadership the vital signs to direct resources and target support.

Not All Created Equal

Not all Health Checks are created equal—and Vitality Works brings over a decade of experience across 23,000 Health Checks administered. That experience has shaped its Health Checks into a unique offering.

Booked individually online and with more than 50% take-up rate among staff, Health Checks are administered in the convenience of the workplace and take 20 mins or 30 mins on the day.

Longer Health Checks take in mental wellbeing dimensions, using the clinically validated Kessler-10 scale and in-person allied health worker support. 

Checks begin before the scheduled session with a comprehensive questionnaire. Allied health workers then discuss Health Check results with participants—including blood pressure, glucose levels, and cholesterol.

The mental wellbeing dimensions of the process can open conversations that encourage staff to access EAP programs—and possibly access innovative digitally integrated programs like Thrive Mental Health—our Joint Venture that’s connected over 1.5M people globally with real-life therapists.

Better Health For People

Allied health workers administer the Health Checks using a ‘lifestyle coaching’ approach that guides employees to digital self-help tools and better real-world health engagement.

In fact the ‘results page’ from Health Checks is shared with employees not just in conversation, but as a magnetised card to keep ‘front-of-fridge’ and top of mind. As their own health goals come into focus, so too employee engagement in company-wide Employee Assistance Programs can rise.

EAP is one area that Vitality Works stands out from the pack, with the introduction of the revolutionary Thrive Mental Health, a hybrid online and real-world solution that uses a uniquely universal methodology to open up access to all staff—by combining screening with triage, referral and resilience.

Better Organisational Health Results

Workplace health and wellbeing is about staying ahead of the curve, and using real data to prioritise and action cost-effective preventive strategies wherever possible. Organisations use de-identified but detailed data to give an overall organisational view as well as department-level insights. Key pain points can be addressed, and strategy over time can be optimised for improved health and wellbeing results.

Because Vitality Works is a one-stop solution for workforce safety, health and wellbeing, our Health Checks not only add value to your existing strategy, but can build on that strategy with a range of referrals and programs. From health coaching to strategic consulting and everything in between, Vitality Works is ready to be the one-stop partner for your workforce safety, health and wellbeing.

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