A timely partnership to promote preventive psychology


Vitality Works, one of ANZ’s leaders in corporate health and wellness is excited to announce a newly formed partnership with The Healthy Minds Program and Dr. Tom Nehmy, a global pioneer in preventive psychology.

The partnership will commence immediately and will offer clients a bundle of Mental Wellbeing webinars and resources to equip their employees with the skills and knowledge to maintain an optimal level of mental health and wellbeing.

With the unprecedented conditions COVID-19 is placing on workplaces and the increase in the numbers of employees presenting with symptoms of loneliness, anxiety and depression, this partnership couldn’t be more relevant and timely.

Vitality Works already provides mental wellbeing support to organisations across ANZ (The Good Day Project and Mental Health Essentials) but recognised the need for additional programs in the preventive mental wellbeing space.

Cathy McDonald, Vitality Works’ Executive General Manager said:

“What impressed me the most about The Healthy Minds program was that it was developed and evaluated over 4 years of intensive research at Flinders University and the results have been published in a leading international peer-reviewed journal.”

“The Healthy Minds award-winning program is especially relevant for what we are facing today as it advocates for psychological immunisation using proven strategies to protect us from mental ill-health, build mental wellbeing and enhance performance.”

“We are thrilled to be joining forces and are very confident that The Healthy Minds program will help more employees remain mentally-fit, healthy and productive.”

Dr. Tom Nehmy, Healthy Minds’ founder said:

“We are really excited to have the opportunity to partner with Vitality Works and their clients to build the psychological muscle of their staff. Now is a great time to be investing in employee wellbeing and we feel fortunate to extend this vital psychological knowledge to their clients.”


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 The Healthy Minds Program was developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Tom Nehmy and is based on his award-winning research which has been published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. It is a cutting-edge approach to preventive psychology, helping employees to build resilience, promote wellbeing and drive performance. It successfully takes the sophisticated psychological skills that promote mental health out of the therapy room and into workplaces through tailored personal development programs, seminars and webinars. 

You can get more information on The Healthy Minds Program at https://www.healthymindsprogram.com/

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