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Employee Assistance Program Alternative

Employee assistance program that far surpasses traditional EAP providers. Thrive Mental Health’s Proactive Solution for Corporate Wellness offers proactive outreach for early intervention with access to unlimited therapy, 24/7, whenever, wherever. Using our exceptional technology platform, we help your people to Thrive and break down the barriers to accessing mental health support. Thrive Mental Health provides industry leading outcomes and proven recovery rates, becoming your complete mental health solution.

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Unrivalled recovery rates of 88%

90% of Employees accept a proactive outreach from a Thrive therapist

5:1 Return on Investment

Unlimited therapy & Proactive Outreach with Thrive Mental Health

Our proactive outreach achieves 10x more engagement than traditional EAPs. It can identify those who may be experiencing a mental health issue and intervene, offering them support through triage and therapy, before a minor issue becomes a major crisis. Our therapy service uses qualified psychologists and can be delivered through text, phone or video call, when they need it, for as long as they need it, based on the clinical need. Unlike regular Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers, we know that care shouldn’t be capped, offering employees unlimited therapy access.

Clinically proven tools surpassing traditional EAP

Thrive Mental Health’s platform uses built in screening tools (GAD-7 & PHQ-9) and programs such CBT, meditation, and deep muscle relaxation and are designed to support anxiety and depression as well as promote mental resilience and overall wellbeing. All in the palm of employees’ hands for convenient, on demand access, we are able to scale to meet the needs of your workforce.

Measurable outcomes – changing lives

Unrivalled recovery rates of 88% – higher than industry standards for therapy. Measure and track data such as engagement, severity, recovery and more on the Thrive analytics dashboard. Thrive Mental Health’s comprehensive reporting is unique and unmatched by any other Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider.

Unique Features With Significant Impact

What sets Thrive Mental Health Apart from traditional EAP providers?

Thrive Suite of modules

There are over 100 hours of evidence-based and clinically validated content to help build resilience and promote corporate wellness. Easy to use and something to suit all learning styles, from mindfulness and stress reduction sessions to journaling to goal setting.

More than EAP

Proactive outreach from our psychologists breaks down the barrier to support, with 91% of people accepting help, our early intervention means we can assist before it becomes a crisis and see 10 x more usage than EAP.


With Thrive Mental Health, your people will have private 24/7 support in the palm of their hands, on demand. Whether they are at work, at home, or on-site our team are ready to support.

Why Thrive Mental Health is Different from Traditional EAP Services

Unlike conventional EAP services that offer limited support, Thrive’s Employee Assistance Program provides proactive outreach and unparalleled mental health resources. With a remarkable 88% recovery rate and 90% of employees accepting support through proactive outreach, Thrive Mental Health stands out in the field of corporate wellness. With a 5:1 ROI, Thrive offers significant value through reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and improved overall well-being far surpassing traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).


Employees Accept Help

90% of Employees accept a proactive outreach from a Thrive therapist


High Recovery Rates

88% of Employees recover from therapy


Impressive ROI

5:1 Return on Investment

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Companies supercharge their EAP with Thrive.

Financial Services
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Molson Coors
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“Thrive is a critical part of our wellbeing offering. It helps improve our colleagues’ mental wellbeing, build personal resilience and find additional support when we need it. Our colleagues love the range of tools in the app that help them relax after a day’s work, de-stress on the go, and learn how to deal with day to day situations better.”

Bailey Lavelle
Wellbeing Consultant at Santander

“We’ve been delighted with the feedback we have received from our colleagues. There has never been a more crucial time to provide our colleagues with the tools and resources to support both those who have poor and good mental health. We are proud to have partnered with Thrive and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Wellbeing Manager
Hastings Direct

“The app has made a really positive impact on our staff. The product itself is miles ahead of anything comparable, combining elements only otherwise be found in separate apps. Our staff have really taken to it with some of the highest engagement rates of any of our initiatives. The data is showing clinical reductions in anxiety & depression. Overall we couldn’t recommend more.”

Jamie Broadley
Staff Wellbeing Lead, Derbyshire healthcare

“Colleagues contact me to tell me about how Thrive has benefited their wellbeing whilst at work and at home. It’s been really easy to integrate the app with the rest of our wellbeing offer and has been one of the top tips to encourage employees to take breaks during the working day. The anonymous reports have also helped us to create a strategy that is more reflective of what our staff are identifying as stressors”.

Rachel Kamall
Health and Wellbeing Officer, Waltham Forest

“With the rapid pace of acceleration in our business and continuous change around us, there is much for our people to handle. Partnering with Thrive to offer our global tribe (and their families) wellbeing support that they can use where, when and in the way, they want to was an obvious thing to do. It is now a core part of our ongoing wellbeing support!”

Nick Halder
Senior Director of Talent, Snow

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With confidential data that is encrypted, you and your employees can feel reassured everything within Thrive Mental Wellbeing is secure and private.

Make the world’s leading mental health solution your partner.

Interested in learning more about how Thrive Mental Health is different and unmatched by any regular Employee Assistance Program? Schedule a demo to gain no-obligation insights into how Thrive can transform your mental health support for all employees and promote corporate wellness. Alternatively, use the details below to contact us directly:


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FAQ's about Thrive and the
future of EAPs

Thrive offers unlimited1 access to real psychologists and uses clinically validated methods.

Thrive uses proven engagement levels to identify and treat mental health issues before they reach crisis point.

Thrive provides open access to unlimited1 psychologist consultation, plus exercises and tools including mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and a progress journal.

The Thrive onboarding team help expedite the process and you can expect an activation timeline of 5 weeks before your staff begin engaging with Thrive.

Thrive offers engaging content for all—including those who are well, and for whom the engagement and use of Thrive is a proven protective factor.

Thrive Mental Health is far different from traditional EAP services as it offers proactive outreach, 24/7 access wherever your employees are as well as unlimited therapy sessions with qualified psychologists, breaking down the barriers to accessing mental health support. Our comprehensive reporting is also unmatched.

Thrive Mental Health can help to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism in the workplace. It also helps to prevent mental health issues by proactively reaching out before a minor issue becomes a major crisis. Another benefit is the access to unlimited support 24/7 wherever you are helping 88% of users achieve recovery.