Introducing the groundbreaking new solution disrupting Australian EAP – Thrive Mental Health is now part of the Vitality Works family   Find out more

Introducing the groundbreaking
new solution disrupting
Australian EAP.

Unlimited 1 access to qualified psychologists, early detection, innovation, and groundbreaking take-up rates 2 —Thrive offers your entire staff the new future of EAPs for Australian employers of choice.

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1.6M+ global users

Revolutionise the way your staff access psychologists

Unlimited 1, confidential, in-app live therapy with trained Psychologists

Usage rates at 10x standard EAPs with 10-30% take-up rate

Accessible to all employees, with early detection and a 8:1 documented ROI

Clinically validated features with unparalleled impact.


On-demand support

Users access support when and how it’s needed—with private, one-touch access


Designed by psychologists

Over ten years in the field, founded by leading UK Psychologist and Psychiatrist


Pro-active CBT program

Fully researched and evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy model


Next-generation screening

Clinically validated screening tools can detect conditions early and proactively


Unlimited 1 access to psychologists

Your staff access unlimited 1 sessions with real-life psychologists


100+ hours of updated content

Mindfulness and stress-reduction sessions, progress journal and CBT program


Monthly granular insights

Anonymised insights across teams and organisation on usage, mood and more


Evidence-based mental health

Techniques clinically validated in globally conducted, randomised trials

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Find out how Thrive can transform your workforce’s EAP experience

Companies supercharge their EAP with Thrive.

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“Thrive is a critical part of our wellbeing offering. It helps improve our colleagues’ mental wellbeing, build personal resilience and find additional support when we need it. Our colleagues love the range of tools in the app that help them relax after a day’s work, de-stress on the go, and learn how to deal with day to day situations better.”

Bailey Lavelle
Wellbeing Consultant at Santander

“We’ve been delighted with the feedback we have received from our colleagues. There has never been a more crucial time to provide our colleagues with the tools and resources to support both those who have poor and good mental health. We are proud to have partnered with Thrive and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Wellbeing Manager
Hastings Direct

“The app has made a really positive impact on our staff. The product itself is miles ahead of anything comparable, combining elements only otherwise be found in separate apps. Our staff have really taken to it with some of the highest engagement rates of any of our initiatives. The data is showing clinical reductions in anxiety & depression. Overall we couldn’t recommend more.”

Jamie Broadley
Staff Wellbeing Lead, Derbyshire healthcare

“Colleagues contact me to tell me about how Thrive has benefited their wellbeing whilst at work and at home. It’s been really easy to integrate the app with the rest of our wellbeing offer and has been one of the top tips to encourage employees to take breaks during the working day. The anonymous reports have also helped us to create a strategy that is more reflective of what our staff are identifying as stressors”.

Rachel Kamall
Health and Wellbeing Officer, Waltham Forest

“With the rapid pace of acceleration in our business and continuous change around us, there is much for our people to handle. Partnering with Thrive to offer our global tribe (and their families) wellbeing support that they can use where, when and in the way, they want to was an obvious thing to do. It is now a core part of our ongoing wellbeing support!”

Nick Halder
Senior Director of Talent, Snow

Thrive is unmatched in the market—with real-world therapy for mental health.

Thrive Mental Health
Traditional EAP
Standalone Apps
Prevention tool (CBT modules + various tools within the App)


Scientific Early Detection Tool (Screening Tool: PHQ-9 and GAD-7)



Therapists contact employees proactively

(Within 10 mins of low mood being detected)



Engagement rate (whole population)

10 – 30 %

1 – 3 %


Therapy limits

Unlimited 1, Uncapped – no change to price

Capped – price dependent

Capped – price dependent

Severity support

Mild, moderate, and severe anxiety/depression

Mild, moderate anxiety/depression

Mild, moderate anxiety/depression

Clinical team

Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Consultant Psychiatrist

Psychologist/ psychotherapist as clinical lead

Psychologist as clinical lead

Relapse prevention

(regular check ins post therapy)



Integrated to include other company benefits



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Thrive in Australia:

How Vitality Works found the world-best partner to revolutionise EAP.

Vitality Works Thrive

Driven by its mission to provide workplace health solutions for a safe and well workforce, Vitality Works researched every available evolution for Australia’s Employee Assistance Programs.

While many ‘EAP-killer’ apps in Australia show promise, we see them as lacking clinical validation and taking a ‘technology-first’ approach that too often puts real-world care a distant second.

When we discovered the world-leading Thrive app, we were singularly impressed with its health-focused origins, its mission-driven ethos, its proven track-record, and its evidence-based, clinically validated tools.

Now we’re proud to launch the Thrive app as an exclusive joint venture, bringing over a decade of global experience with 1.6M users to Australian businesses looking to revolutionise outcomes from their EAPs.

Our clients asked about the future of employee mental health. With Thrive, we’ve brought them what’s next in Employee Assistance Programs – an effective mental health solution for the entire workforce.

FAQ's about Thrive and the
future of EAPs

Thrive offers unlimited1 access to real psychologists and uses clinically validated methods.

Thrive uses proven engagement levels to identify and treat mental health issues before they reach crisis point.

Thrive provides open access to unlimited1 psychologist consultation, plus exercises and tools including mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and a progress journal.

The Thrive onboarding team help expedite the process and you can expect an activation timeline of 5 weeks before your staff begin engaging with Thrive.

Thrive offers engaging content for all—including those who are well, and for whom the engagement and use of Thrive is a proven protective factor.

Make the world’s leading mental health
solution your EAP partner.

Booking a demo provides a no-obligation insight into how Thrive can transform your EAP capability for all employees.

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1. Will start within ANZ business hours (24/5) and expand over time to 24/7
2. Based on extensive data from Thrive operating in the UK