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The A-Z of Mental Wellbeing for Australian Workplaces

The impact of poor mental health on employees and organisations is profound and can act as a huge cost to the business. Find out how our A-Z roadmap can help you create and sustain widespread change.

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The 7 biggest health issues facing your employees

Our unique health database shows us the seven biggest issues affecting your employees’ stress and health. Find out how you can improve the health and mental wellbeing of your workforce, and impact key business drivers and organisational performance.

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A guide to getting optimal uptake from your workplace wellbeing initiatives

Your workplace wellness program needs continual promotion and nurturing to achieve engagement. In this paper we detail the top 10 recommendations we make to our clients and how Vitality Works achieve its high levels of involvement across all programs and services.

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Getting a Grip on the Fluffy Stuff – The Hard Science on Workplace Wellbeing

We bring you the facts and evidence on how workplace health and wellbeing relates to productivity, employee engagement and workplace injury costs.

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Standing up for health – the standing desk movement

See why opportunities for standing and incidental movement are becoming more valuable in today’s workplace.

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