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Vitality Hub – Health & Wellbeing Platform

Vitality Hub (powered by Virgin Pulse) is a leading digital employee wellbeing program, designed to change lives. Bring together all your health and wellbeing programs on one engaging platform.

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40% more engaged at work

38% increased productivity

24% decrease in absenteeism

Beyond a Platform - A Community

Vitality Hub is more than just a digital platform, it’s a movement revolutionising how we connect, support, and engage employees in today’s hybrid-work dynamic, where the physical office is just one of many workspaces.

AI Powered Personalisation: Your Wellbeing Your Way

A digital-first approach to employee wellbeing programmes, that places the individual at the center by leveraging AI-driven recommendations to offer a more personalised experience. The Vitality Hub understands each person’s wellbeing goals and struggles and tailors their experience to suit their needs.

Real Results, Real Impact

The Vitality Hub’s in-depth reporting allows employers to gain valuable insights into user engagement, experience and ROI. In this hybrid and remote world of work, employers can track the percentage of staff creating positive daily habits, being more engaged and productive at work, decreases in absenteeism and more as a direct result of the Vitality Hub – a digital corporate wellbeing program.

Unique Features With Significant Impact

What sets Vitality Hub Apart?

Make Healthy Habits Stick:

Using gamification to create meaningful engagement. Reward your staff for monitoring their personal wellbeing, including steps, sleep quality, nutrition, and more.

Journeys & Programs:

Give your employees access to evidence-based tools and resources that support their wellbeing goals.

Centralised Wellbeing Solutions:

We connect the disconnected, bringing together all your health, wellbeing solutions in one personalised platform.


Employees are committed and engaged

73% of employees developed positive habits


Employees See the Value

53% would be disappointed if could no longer use Vitality Hub


Lifts Productivity

39% of employees felt more energetic at work

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Cultivating a Connected Culture in a Digital World

It can be difficult to navigate the impacts of a hybrid and remote world of work on team dynamics, communication, belonging and workplace culture. The Vitality Hub – a workplace wellness program, doesn’t just stop at employee wellbeing. It also focuses on fostering and building workplace culture regardless of location through:

  • Social tools to help build shared purpose at work, with fun challenges for coworkers, friends, and family.
  • Communication resources that allow your team to stay informed and aligned with your workplace – even when they’re off-site.
  • Engagement tools tailored to your organisation’s goals, supporting your efforts to promote your own health and wellbeing programs.

“Wellbeing means different things to different people. Vitality Hub allows us to address everyone’s wellbeing needs with a consistent platform in a way that is accessible to everyone wherever they are in the organisation.”

– Vice President, CHRO

Vitality Hub’s personalised portal isn’t the traditional cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach to wellness. It lets our employees make it their own so they can focus on their own personal “why”, which makes the overall experience more meaningful and impactful.

Jason Volbrecht

Leader Total Rewards, Great River Energy

“Vitality Hub has brought out the best in our culture.”

Stan Gergen

VP Total Rewards

“For once I feel fully engaged in a vision of wellness that speaks to me. Vitality Hub isn’t just about the right diet and exercise. It’s more of a whole health approach to life.”

Manager, Equinix 

How Vitality Hub's Different

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From the experiences we build to how we work together, we’re redefining what businesses can expect from their health solutions. Here’s how:

  • We connect the disconnected, so you can have all your health, wellbeing, and navigation solutions in one place
  • We reject one-size-fits-all, so you can better access solutions as unique as you are
  • We design to engage, so you can make healthiness happen
  • We turn insights into ROI, so you feel confident that you know what to do next

Award Finalist

We are thrilled to announce that the Vitality Hub has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Overall Loyalty Program Business to Employee – All Industries, for the upcoming 2023/2024 Asia Pacific Loyalty Awards! The Vitality Hub takes business wellbeing programs to the next level through it’s use of gamification and personalisation to foster employee behaviour change and improve wellbeing. It also maintains and builds workplace culture in a hybrid and remote world of work through team challenges, communication resources and its many engagement tools.


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Workplace Wellness Programmes FAQ's

Benefits of the Vitality Hub – an employee wellbeing program, include better deployment, management and tracking of corporate wellbeing.

The Vitality Hub – an employee wellbeing program is designed and customised to integrate seamlessly with all your health and wellbeing programs. It has excellent communication resources that allow your team to stay informed and aligned with your workplace regardless of location.

Once credentialed a simple sign-in process creates access from anywhere.

Yes, executive and board members get better visibility on wellbeing opportunities and in-depth reporting