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health monitoring.

Keep your people—and your business—safe with effective health monitoring of risk factors, injury, ill-health and environmental hazards in your New Zealand workforce.

Conducted by on-site Occupational Health Nurses

Includes hearing, vision and lung screening

Assesses muscular-skeletal movement and grip strength

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We come to you

An Occupational Health Nurse assesses hearing, vision and lung screening, muscular-skeletal range of movement and hand grip strength—on-site, wherever your people are.

Stay compliant

Leave it to our health monitoring service to make sure you meet your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act NZ.

Reduce risk

Health monitoring can reduce, manage and eliminate health risks before they become an issue—for healthier people, fewer claims and reduced absenteeism.

Monitor effectiveness

Health monitoring tracks trends & health over time to highlight action required—while demonstrating VOI.

Protect your people

Knowledge is power for your people—health monitoring helps them understand their own health risks, detect signs of ill health early & take action to resolve it.

“We work closely with our clients to assess risks, put in place monitoring and help detect early signs of ill health or disease.”

Tamsyn ElderNZ Country Manager

Next in Health Monitoring.

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AA Insurance
Department of corrections
Fire Emergency New Zealand
Ministry of Justice
Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga
Z is for New Zealand

Health Monitoring FAQ's

Health monitoring maintains compliance and enhances employee health and safety.

Yes, health checks are important and complementary to health monitoring.

Our service complies with legislation with trained Occupational Health Nurses.

Hearing, vision and lung screening, range of movement and hand grip strength.