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Survive and Thrive in the
New World of Work:
With our COVID-Next programs.

As millions return to the workplace after two years of pandemic-related twists and turns, our COVID-Next suite of programs offer support across the spectrum.

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From mental wellbeing and resilience support, to vaccinations for business continuity and employee protection, to risk management and safety capacity—we stand ready to help. Taken together, our COVID-Next suite of programs offer a roadmap out of the COVID-19 wilderness and into the new world of work.

Make mental wellbeing a priority.

The pandemic laser-focused employer resources on physical health and safety—but the impact on worker mental wellbeing has been immense. Even pre-pandemic, over 90% of employees saw mentally healthy workplaces as important—yet barely 50% believed their CEO shared this view¹

The great return to work in 2022 is a crucial moment for companies to show they care by expertly resourcing the mammoth task of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of returning workers.

Our Mental Health Essentials program offers interactive on-site workshops for managers and employees to strengthen foundational knowledge and skills around resilience and self-care. Adaptable for virtual delivery, it equips those tasked with staff care to see subtle signs early, and avoid cumulative negative impacts.

Another part of our COVID-Next program is The Good Day Project, which offers engaging tools for managers to weave safety into daily practice in a fun and engaging way – for resilience, stress management, and mental wellbeing. It focuses on evidence-based strategies for self-care, and ensures organisations protect their most valuable and expensive resource—their people.

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Stop COVID-19 in its tracks.

Rapid Antigen Testing has become the standard against Omicron. Its speed, economy and relatively non-invasive nature make it the crucial circuit-breaker in protecting worker health—as well as preventing and limiting shutdowns.

Our workforce Rapid Antigen Testing program provides trained medical staff and a supply of tests. It’s about early detection—because those few days gained can stop exponential and crippling quarantines.

Our Workplace Booster Programs are the other best shot at beating Omicron. With waves of millions of Australians becoming eligible², workforce booster shots administered in the workplace are the most efficient way to protect staff from serious illness.

We’ve worked for a decade to deliver over 1M workplace vaccinations against flu and COVID-19. We handle communications and rollout, and use API integrations with the Australian Immunisation Register—all with experienced clinical care for a comfortable experience.

Covid-19 rapid antigen test

Make return to work safe.

As millions return to work in new hybrid configurations, organisational capacity to provide comprehensive workplace safety is under pressure. Reframing and building organisational resilience after the ‘crisis-period’ of the pandemic is crucial to thriving in 2022 and beyond.

Our workplace health & safety strategic consulting division— SafetyWorks—can make that happen.

SafetyWorks supports organisations to navigate the complex and changing work environment by facilitating risk management and consultation activities, (particularly as they relate to managing COVID-19 in the workplace).

By expertly navigating that complexity, SafetyWorks helps organisations to create a clear pathway towards managing COVID-19 risk in the workplace, supporting assurance, alongside building capacity.


COVID-Next for thriving in 2022.

After two years of pandemic-related twists and turns, our COVID-Next suite of programs offer support in mental wellbeing and resilience, organisational and employee protection, plus safety compliance and capacity. We offer a roadmap into the new world of work.

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