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Vitality Works announces new partnership with leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company GSK in ANZ

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Vitality Works, one of ANZ’s largest corporate health & wellness providers, has the pleasure to announce that GSK has appointed them as their Health and Wellness partner for their Australian and New Zealand employees for an initial period of 3 years.

The partnership will deploy immediately with dedicated on-site health coaches across 4 locations in ANZ and will see Vitality Works attend to the Health and Wellbeing of all GSK staff wherever they are located – in an office, a manufacturing site or remotely in the field.

Specifically, Vitality Works site health coaches will manage the onsite gyms, provide engaging classes and personal training sessions, conduct health checks and ergonomic assessments, and deliver interactive and educative seminars and healthy living initiatives across a wide array of topics throughout the year.

Christina Tsakonas, GSK Health and Wellbeing Program Lead in ANZ said:

“GSK is committed to the health & wellbeing of its people. With this new partnership, we will support and empower all our employees to adopt healthy behaviours and be engaged in their wellbeing. “Feel Good” is at the heart of GSK’s Modern Employer Strategy, and we are excited to be partnering with Vitality Works to support a holistic wellbeing offering for our people in GSK ANZ.”

Dr Sarah Curtis, Vitality Works Eastern Seaboard Client Partnership Manager, said:

“It is a great honour to be able to contribute to the health and wellbeing of all of GSK’s employees here in ANZ. Our many years of experience has shown time and time again that to build a healthy and high performing business, you need healthy, happy and engaged teams. As a progressive healthcare company, it is great to see GSK’s leadership in this field and we look forward to making meaningful contributions with long lasting changes”.

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About Vitality Works

Vitality Works is a leading provider of Workplace Health Services across Australia and New Zealand. From health assessments to engaging wellbeing programs, and from the corporate office to the manufacturing sites, Vitality Works world-class behaviour-change programs demonstrate real returns for the both employees and the businesses they work in. As a Sanitarium Company, Vitality Works’ mandate has always been to find new ways to make communities healthier which should extend to every workplace – building a healthier business through healthier people.

About GSK

GSK is one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies – is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. For further information please visit You can follow GSK on Twitter for more Australian updates @GSK_AU