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Workplace flu vaccinations
beat the flu—before it bites.

Corporate flu vaccinations are available now to protect your workforce. The flu is coming back—probably with a vengeance. Two seasons of lockdown and isolation in Australia have given way to a mass return to communal venues, with New Zealand soon to follow.

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Schools and international airports are open, millions return to shared offices with weakened flu immunity—and flu strains are ready to spread.

Flu shots in the workplace are available as a customised, end-to-end service that protects your workforce from the dangerous double-whammy of flu and Omicron infections—early enough to matter, and early enough to not be overlooked.

With the experience of over 1M workplace flu vaccinations under our belt, we stand ready with a next-generation service that protects your people while building on your employee value proposition.

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Fighting Vaccine Fatigue – on trend.

Workplace flu vaccinations can reduce the risk of catching flu by up to 60%, and also reduce the severity of any symptoms. But evidence around booster take-up rates in Australia and New Zealand suggest that ‘vaccine fatigue’ has set in—and may limit people’s capacity to organise their own flu vaccines.

Vaccine fatigue underscores a shift towards workplace flu vaccinations that Michael Nadalin, Business Manager of Vaccination Services at Vitality Works, has witnessed during his decade offering workplace flu shots to hundreds of thousands of employees across Australia.

“A few years ago we did 20k flu vaccinations annually—and in 2020 that grew to over 150k” he says. “And after COVID-19, employees increasingly see vaccinating as protection for family and fellow workers”.

With COVID-19 still in epidemic phase—characterised by case spikes— restrictions around isolation and families caring for sick members means Omicron still poses major risks to business continuity for companies across Australia and New Zealand.

The ‘double whammy’ of COVID-19 and flu can cause abseenteeism, loss of productivity and even expensive shutdowns—all of which affect morale as much as the bottom line. Industries and roles in which workers can’t work from home are particularly impacted—but flu shots minimise all those risks. “More flu shots means less people off sick—and that means happier and more productive people at work” says Michael Nadalin.

nurse administering a Covid vaccine

Workplace flu shots – with expertise.

With Omicron BA_2 strain rapidly spreading, our combined COVID-booster and flu clinics help avoid the potential ‘twindemic’ of COVID-19 and the flu.

In Australia some 15% of the population or close to 4M people are known to have had COVID-19—the vast majority contracting Omicron in the past few
months. While the world waits for data on flu susceptibility post-COVID-19, it’s recommended to prevent flu infections to the maximum possible extent. In fact the Australian federal government has secured almost 10M flu vaccine doses for early use in 2022.

That’s why we’ve developed a leading edge service to make your workforce vaccination programs easy—across COVID-19 and flu alike.

From planning booster programs to launching communications, from bookings and logistics to custody and compliance. We handle the logistics of flu vaccination onsite—which demonstrates company commitment to employee wellbeing well beyond mandated COVID-19 procedures.

We have you covered with immunisation documentation, as our cloud-based records systems use API integrations with the Australian Immunisation Register. Business insights are made possible by PowerBI integrations that put data at the fingertips of decision-makers with same-day accuracy.

Our workplace flu shot clinical governance structures are built around Chief Medical Officer oversight—of licenses, policies and procedures around storage and compliance. The CMO is always on call, and we maintain over 330 trained and licensed staff—many registered nurses—to eliminate risks.

Flexible flu vaccination – customised

We’ve written about the New World of Work as millions return to their workplaces—but flexibility for people working from home remains relevant—especially in New Zealand, where Omicron is surging.

Kim Rutherford—the Vitality Works Country Manager for New Zealand—has made sure workforce flu shots are available as vouchers for staff working from home.

“While many clients are doing onsite clinics at the workplace, we’re finding vouchers are a major part of the mix”, says Kim. “We’re still in peak Omicron—so avoiding the twin infection is very important”.

Flexibility is the watchword in our workplace flu shot program in Australia and New Zealand alike—we customise programs to the exact needs of clients, and bring experience adapting the program for major banks, government departments, and more.

“We handle it all” says Michael Nadalin. “From boardrooms to major construction sites—even dongas out bush for mining companies”.

“Wherever people are vulnerable to flu—we stand ready”.

Get started with your flu vaccination program

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