Top tips to setup your Work from Home workspace

1. If you can, always use your laptop with a separate keyboard, mouse, monitor raiser and screen.

2. If you cannot use separate keyboard, mouse and monitor raiser, only use a laptop without a separate keyboard mouse and raiser for 1-hour max at a time.

3. Ensure the desk you are using is within the recommended height 610-760mm.

4. Always use an adjustable chair that can be raised for you to achieve your elbows above the desk at 90 degrees. If you cannot adjust your chair height, use a cushion on the seat to take you to a suitable height.

5. Make sure your hips are never lower than your knees. If you cannot adjust your chair and your feet cannot firmly touch the ground, use a book or ream of paper to raise your feet to the correct height.

6. Ensure there is sufficient usable space on your designated working surface.

7. Utilise your monitor. If this is not possible place your laptop on a riser/block/paper ream; top of screens need to be at eye level.

8. Stretch and move frequently – best way to prevent injury is to have micro pauses and ensure your body isn’t in one stiff position for too long. If you have phone calls to make, get up and walk around your house or even outside!

9. Avoid using your laptop lying on a couch or bed.

10. Avoid the “C” curve shape in your back while working. Try to keep an “S” curve in your spine, a support chair should help you with this.

As we are going through unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to support our employees’ health and wellbeing. Here is another article you might find useful for you and your employees about looking after yourself in times of uncertainty.

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